Laugh with me. Especially when you can't.

TK is an entertainer, an actor and a musician. He is also Duckman. His mission?
- To make you happy!

Who is TK Entertainer?

TK is from Japan, where he became known as a comedian, actor, cosplayer, pen spinner and as a musician.

He is also the well known figure known as Duckman; the dancing, singing, bucket drumming street performer.

Starting his journey from Australia, he is traveling around the world to make everyone laugh and happy!


The yellow, comedic character who is guaranteed to turn that frown upside down when you see him on the street.
Dancing, singing and bucket drumming are his form of art on the streets to make the concrete cities are a little more colorful.
His ever-lasting smile and energy will surely bring a spring to anyone's step!


His well-practiced jokes are sure to make you crack a smile!
In Japan, TK performed with the acclaimed Yoshimoto Creative Agency for 7 years, specializing in “Jigakuneta” comedy.
He is currently developing his first English language standup comedy routine.


Acting being one of his passions, TK was cast to play the character 'Nonomura' in NHK's popular drama “Battery”.


Being a multi-talented musician, able to sing as well as play the piano, drums, bass guitar and the electric guitar, TK has great love for music.
He was the lead singer and guitarist for his band “Wallop”, which went on to be a finalist for the 2015 Sony Next Generation band competition in Japan.